20 Oct

Possebon wishes to return to his football career in England after failing to impress at United in 2009.

The Ex-Manchester United midfielder, Rodrigo Pereira Possebon dreams of a return to England after seeing his career prospects dwindle since leaving Old Trafford in 2009 as he has no recorded competitive goal till date.

The former Italy youth international made eight appearances for the club during two years as a professional but an injury suffered in a League Cup tie derailed his career.

It represents a sad decline for the 27-year-old who feels he still has much still to offer English football. The tragedy in Possebon’s career, which showed so much promise at United, started with an injury suffered against Middlesbrough when a tackle from Emanuel Pogatetz, though not as serious as initially feared, ordered him out for a month and led to him slipping out of contention under the then manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

Possebon joined Braga on loan prior to his permanent exit but the player has ambitions of returning to British shores in the near future as the midfielder scored no goal at Braga as well.

“Unfortunately in football you are never fully protected against injuries and I was on the receiving end of a bad tackle against Middlesbrough,” the ex-United young midfielder told Yahoo Sport.

“But it could be much worse, that tackle could have broken my leg as people thought at the time, but that didn’t happen, I thank God.

Since Possebon departed from the 20-time English league champions, his career has been on a downward trajectory. He joined Santos on a free transfer fee before moving to Sao Jose. Italian side Vicenza, Criciuma and Mirassol Futebol Clube followed, Al-Riffa in Bahrain, prior to his latest switch which sees him to his current club, União Recreativa dos Trabalhadores.


Brazil is in search for their first Gold Olympic medal

19 Aug

With 5 FIFA World Cup titles to their name, the Brazilian national side has won that competition more than any other national side.

However, when it comes to winning the Olympic Games the Brazilian team has struggled to win gold as they have never done it before and now the pressure is being built around Neymar and company to finally make it happen.

The Brazilian national side is not going through the best of times as they were knocked out from the 2014 World Cup in an embarrassing fashion after losing 1-7 against Germany in the semi-finals.

Brazil also had an underwhelming campaign in the Copa America as they failed to make it past the group stages. It’s clear that the Brazilian national side is struggling to consistently snatch victories and make impressive performances; this is something that they were known for.

Neymar is one of the main figures that is expected to change the fortunes of the Brazilian team as the pressure is being built around the 24 year old player as Neymar has to prove why he is being labeled as the future of Brazil, as the next big thing from the Brazilian national side.

In the 2016 edition of the Rio Olympic Games, Brazil was placed in group A along with Iraq, Denmark and South Africa. The Brazilian side managed to snatch the top spot with 5 points and have advanced to the quarter-finals where they will have to face off with Colombia on August 13.

Even though Brazil did manage to secure the top spot from group A, their performances were fairly underwhelming as they only managed to win 1 match from their 3 games.

At the age of 24, Neymar has already lifted just about every top club competition with Barcelona and now he has to lead the way for the even younger generation of Brazilian players that have been emerging including: Gabriel Jesus and Gabriel Barbosa Almeida.


Rodrigo Possebon Wishes To Get Back To England

20 Jul

If you are a fan of Rodrigo Possebon you will realize that the player is planning a return after he has been plagued by injuries during the spell he was at Man United.

He is hoping to return to a season of English football soon and his fans are excited as well. Indeed, he left the field in 2009. Having played as a midfielder at Old Trafford he had hung up his boots temporarily when he suffered after a back tackle incident with Middlesbrough.

Today, being 26 years of age, he can look forward to renewing his football playing career. He has had playing spells in Bahrain and Brazil and he hopes to resume playing for England once again. He states that the bad spell could have been even worse, like breaking his leg. Since that did not happen, he is happy to get back to playing. He is thankful for the cities and the clubs that had helped him get back on track.

He has stated that he is now open to getting back onto England club playing scene. Ferguson had been furious with the incident that maimed the player for so long and even the manager at Middlesbrough had apologized for the incident that took place. Since then he has not been able to get back to United. However, Bahrain, Brazil and Braga club in Portugal has had him in their ranks which has helped him spruce up his playing skills. Even though he has played for Brazil, his heart belongs to England, where he wishes to get back. He feels that the level of the clubs, the leagues as well as structure and atmosphere in England are congenial for football like none other. He now wishes to get back into that environment and being a part of English football.


Rodrigo Possebon said that former Manchester United boss was angry following his injury

24 Jun

Former Manchester United player Rodrigo Possebon had revealed that former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson was furious when he was injured in a League Cup match in 2008.

Indeed, he was injured following a hard tackle by Middlesbrough’s midfielder Emanuel Pogatetz. The tackle was so harsh that the referee responded by sending off the Middlesbrough player

There was fear at that time that he might have broken his league, but medical reports afterward revealed that there was nothing serious. However, Sir Alex Ferguson was not happy with the tackle and made his feelings known. He was so furious that the Middlesbrough boss at that time Gareth Southgate had to apologize to calm down the Manchester United coach.

Rodrigo Possebon, who is a Brazilian-born player, started his career with Internacional where he played as a defensive midfielder. He was spotted by Manchester United scout John Calvert-Toulmin, who exclusively works in Brazil. He joined Manchester United in 2008 and immediately joined the first team.

He admitted however that his career at Manchester United has not really been an ideal one. Indeed, he managed to make only 8 appearances for the Red Devils before he went out on loan to Braga. There also he will fail to adapt and will return to Manchester United after six months. He only managed to make one appearance for the club.

Rodrigo Possebon will then return to Brazil where he will sign for Santos in 2010. He will stay there for two years where he will manage to make 30 appearances for the Brazilian club and scored 1 goal during the process.

The Brazilian said that his dream will be to play again in England and if ever he is given the opportunity he will like to come back.


Dunga comments on non-Selection of Real Madrid players

6 May

In spite of missing Marcelo at the left back position in last month’s World Cup qualifying matches, Dunga reckons the non-selection of the Real Madrid player was absolutely right as he was not responsible enough to convey to the team management that he was fit and could be selected.

As per Dunga, the contact numbers of the coaches and doctors who are associated with the national team are available to the players and thus, they should remain in contact with them and should be updating them about what the condition of their body is and if they are willing to appear in the country’s next game or not.

If somebody is not conveying anything to anyone, not providing any updates, then it comes down to his commitment and you have to question that because if there had been any keenness on his part as far as playing for Brazil is concerned, he would have looked to reach out to doctors and make sure the coach is aware of his condition when he is selecting the team.

The other Brazilian players, whose fitness was in question, had been regularly telling the team’s medical staff about their improvement. Anyone who would be committed enough would show such willingness and that was clearly not done by Marcelo.

Dunga says he makes the squad selection based on information that he is given and on that occasion, he was not given any information regarding Marcelo simply because nobody had any information about him. So, whose fault in this? It’s of the player’s definitely.

Brazil had similar results, that is two draws, in the two matches Marcelo was absent from and it is not possible for them now to achieve top 4 finish in the CONMEBOL standings.


Dunga is of the opinion that superstar Neymar should Play ay Olympics

7 Apr

Brazil national team manager Dunga is of the opinion that superstar Neymar should consider playing at the Olympics for his country.

There have been suggestions that Neymar would be left out of the Olympics team in order to a him some recuperation. The forward has been playing non-stop football for the last few years. There are concerns about burnout, but Dunga says that the Olympics taking place in Brazil is a huge incentive for Neymar to take part and potentially win gold. Even though he had moved to European football only recently, the 24-year-old has already won a lot of honours.

However, the possibility of winning gold at the Olympics is not something that comes to everyone. Neymar had a chance to get his team to World Cup glory and he failed to do so after being injured for the latter stages. He should be doing this rather than heading off on a Croatia Yacht Charter. For this reason, Dunga says that Neymar should not try and duck from Olympic selections. Even though Olympic football tournaments only include players under the age of 23, Neymar can be included as part of the three overage players in a squad. Dunga claims that he would personally prefer seeing Neymar represent the country in the Olympics rather than in the Copa America.

“If I have to choose between Copa America and the Olympics, I prefer to see him [Neymar] in the Olympics.It’s hard to choose, but I think, given the importance of trying to win the only medal that Brazil does not have, the fact that we are playing at home. We need to talk to Barcelona, the team, Neymar, to see what is best for all three,” said Dunga. The best ever finish for Brazil with Neymar in the team was back in 2012 when they were the runners up to Mexico. Dunga will now fly to Spain in order to talk with Neymar.


Dunga is keeping a close eye on Thiago Silva

14 Jan

The captain of PSG, Thiago Silva has not been featured in a single match for his national side since June of 2015 when he performed against Paraguay in the quarter finals of the Copa America of that same year. Thiago Silva has easily been one of the best players of the French League so far, who has made a huge impact and helped PSG immensely in their early dominance of Ligue 1.

PSG is dominating the French League after having secured a total of 51 points from their opening 19 matches, the 2nd place is Monaco which has only secured 32 points in that same amount of games which have been played.

From those 19 opening games of the season, PSG has only conceded 9 goals and Thiago Silva plays a key role in this rock-solid defence of his club.

Even with the sublime performances that Thiago Silva has been displaying with PSG, it still hasnt been enough for him to secure a spot in his national team. Ever since Dunga was appointed as the head coach of Brazil, Silva’s role in Brazil has diminished significantly as the defender was stripped away from his captaincy role in the national team and now he isnt even able to get called up.

When Dunga was asked about the current situation involving Thiago Silva and the possibility of seeing him making a return to the national side, the Brazilian coach replied by saying : “Thiago is a player who we are watching,” Dunga told Fox Sports.

“We have formed a mixed squad of youth and experience. Right now we are thinking about qualifying and about the World Cup itself. But it’s not effective when the press officer has to call me all the time about things being put in the newspaper – that won’t work. I don’t bow to pressure. But Thiago has a chance to return.”
Thiago Silva probably is one of the most in form defenders in the world right now and he truly deserves to be called up by Dunga.


Thiago Silva is for sure disappointed to be overlooked by Dunga

6 Dec

Thiago Silva is for sure disappointed to be overlooked by Dunga for the upcoming Brazil games, but, he is motivated to fight and regain his spot.

Thiago has seen a gradual downfall in his international career in the recent past.

He wore the armband for the men in yellow in World Cup last year, but, failed to lead from the front in the tournament.
One of the things which he had been criticized for the most was him withdrawing himself from taking a shot during the shootouts in the pre quarter final versus Chile.

Not only was he the captain of the side, he was one of the experienced men in the group and even if he was nervous, he needed to get over it and do the job for his team.

Brazil won that shootout though thanks to Neymar, but, what Thiago did was certainly something that a leader should not have done.

The 30-year old was then shown the red card the next game and he had to miss the semi final versus Germany along with Neymar who was out because of injury.

Germany smacked Brazil 1-7 which left the home fans in tears and saw Luis Felipe Scolari losing his job to Dunga who came back for his second stint at helm for the Selecao.

Dunga straightaway put Thiago under the pump by appointing Neymar the captain of the side and now, 7-8 months down the road, he’s got the centre back omitted as well.

Although, there are a lot of people who don’t agree with this decision of Dunga, but, he has his reasons to do so.

Thiago might have been a brilliant player for Brazil for a decent period of time, but, his recent form at the international level has been shaky and with him not getting any younger, there is no harm in having a look at a new face in the heart of defence.

When Thiago himself was asked about it, he had this to say, “It’s obviously tough when you feel you don’t deserve to be left out, I am motivated to fight through it and get myself back in there playing for Brazil.”


The Brazilian national football team has been taking a downhill road

16 Jul

It’s been a very long time since Brazil has held a significantly important piece of silverware. The Brazilian national side has struggled trying to snatch back the World Cup which they last lifted in 2002 and in recent years they have been sustaining disappointing results.

When Brazil was given the privilege to host the 2014 World Cup, Brazilians were excited to see their country taking center stage in what is considered to be the biggest football competition and they had every right on doing so as they had the chance to display what they are capable of doing in their home turf but things fell apart after Germany destroyed the Brazilian side with a final scoreboard of 1-7 during the semi-finals.

1 year later and things haven’t been improving for the Brazilian national side; actually the contrary has been occurring. Brazil failed to make it past the quarter-finals of the 2015 Copa America after losing against Paraguay in a penalty session but there was something else which occurred in this tournament which placed Brazil in the spotlight but for the wrong reasons.

During a group match involving Brazil and Colombia, Neymar received a straight red card as he was seen visibly frustrated and was embroiled in a physical altercation with Colombia’s Jeison Murillo and Carlos Bacca. This led to Neymar not only receiving a red card but also receiving a 4 international game ban.

Brazil ultimately lost their match against Colombia with final scoreboard displaying 0-1 in favor of the Colombian team but despite this loss, it was the disappointing image that Brazil left behind that was remembered by everyone as Neymar wore the captaincy armband and to represent a nation in such a disappointing way is not the thing that the national side needs to see in order to bounce back from the underwhelming results they had recently been going through.

Dunga is one of the figures of the Brazilian national side where the blame is being placed upon but this shouldn’t be a blame game of who deserves to be removed from the team, it’s something that simply has to be resolved for Brazil to start rolling back the years and become one of the titans of football as they used to be.


Brazil in brilliant form after Winning Friendly matches

18 Feb

Brazil have recently been in stupendous form after winning their recent friendly matches in spectacular style.

However, the upcoming friendly match against Chile at the Emirates stadium will be the perfect barometer of the team’s progress – since the humiliating World Cup 2014 – according to manager Dunga.

Despite recording a number of former stars like Kaka and Robinho, the former captain has primarily concentrated on tweaking the tactics of the team. This match will be an important part of the preparations for the upcoming Coppa America, which will take place in the summer.

Even though the tournament will be taking place in Chile, Brazil will be hoping to be victorious since it is the only possible way to eliminate the bad memories of the World Cup. Both teams are expected to have a number of European-based players in the team. For Chile, Alexis Sanchez will be playing at Emirates stadium where he has been in spectacular form. The Chilean has scored 18 goals in 36 matches for Arsenal this season. For Brazil, it is all going to be about Neymar while the likes of Oscar can also spring a surprise. Brazil have won all of the friendly matches since the World Cup while Chile have been showing inconsistent form.

“The year of 2015 will be very important for us, when we will play the Copa America and the qualifiers for the World Cup will also get started.Playing against Chile will be one more opportunity for the Brazilian National Team to get ready for the next challenges of this year.Brazil vs Chile is always a good game and I am sure that all fans will see a great show in London,” said Dunga.“I’m so excited and honoured to be playing for the national team of Chile, against our great rivals Brazil, in front of the incredible Arsenal fans at Emirates Stadium,” said Alexis Sanchez.