Dunga Not Going To Change Squad MUch

3 Oct

Dunga, the Brazil boss, has made it clear that he is a believer of continuity in the squad and that’s why, he is not going to chop and change the players too much.

In the Brazilian squad that Dunga has announced for the forthcoming games against Argentina and Japan, there are just a couple of new players. The rest are the same who had featured versus Ecuador and Colombia a couple of weeks ago.
According to Dunga, if a team has to win regularly, it must have consistent core.

Talking to the reporters yesterday, Dunga said, “Core is very important especially when you consider the fact that the international sides play very few matches per month. If you make too many changes, the guys would never gel with each other and there would always be problems in coordination and all.”

“At this level, potential alone is not everything. Your concentration and your attitude play a major part.”

Dunga also tried to press the point that it’s necessary for all the eleven players on the pitch to try and contribute, otherwise, the pressure on match winners like Neymar increases.

In the words of the Selecao head, “Each and every guy in the squad should carry the responsibility. It’s never good to be dependent on a particular guy all the time, no matter how special he is. It has been the case with us before. We have been dependent on players like Pele, but, players like that also need assistance. You’ve got to make the play for them.”

Neymar was the only Brazil player who seemed to be playing world class football versus Ecuador and Colombia. His one goal and one assist helped Brazil win both those games, both by the margin of 1-0.