Rodrigo Possebon Wishes To Get Back To England

20 Jul

If you are a fan of Rodrigo Possebon you will realize that the player is planning a return after he has been plagued by injuries during the spell he was at Man United.

He is hoping to return to a season of English football soon and his fans are excited as well. Indeed, he left the field in 2009. Having played as a midfielder at Old Trafford he had hung up his boots temporarily when he suffered after a back tackle incident with Middlesbrough.

Today, being 26 years of age, he can look forward to renewing his football playing career. He has had playing spells in Bahrain and Brazil and he hopes to resume playing for England once again. He states that the bad spell could have been even worse, like breaking his leg. Since that did not happen, he is happy to get back to playing. He is thankful for the cities and the clubs that had helped him get back on track.

He has stated that he is now open to getting back onto England club playing scene. Ferguson had been furious with the incident that maimed the player for so long and even the manager at Middlesbrough had apologized for the incident that took place. Since then he has not been able to get back to United. However, Bahrain, Brazil and Braga club in Portugal has had him in their ranks which has helped him spruce up his playing skills. Even though he has played for Brazil, his heart belongs to England, where he wishes to get back. He feels that the level of the clubs, the leagues as well as structure and atmosphere in England are congenial for football like none other. He now wishes to get back into that environment and being a part of English football.