The Brazilian national football team has been taking a downhill road

16 Jul

It’s been a very long time since Brazil has held a significantly important piece of silverware. The Brazilian national side has struggled trying to snatch back the World Cup which they last lifted in 2002 and in recent years they have been sustaining disappointing results.

When Brazil was given the privilege to host the 2014 World Cup, Brazilians were excited to see their country taking center stage in what is considered to be the biggest football competition and they had every right on doing so as they had the chance to display what they are capable of doing in their home turf but things fell apart after Germany destroyed the Brazilian side with a final scoreboard of 1-7 during the semi-finals.

1 year later and things haven’t been improving for the Brazilian national side; actually the contrary has been occurring. Brazil failed to make it past the quarter-finals of the 2015 Copa America after losing against Paraguay in a penalty session but there was something else which occurred in this tournament which placed Brazil in the spotlight but for the wrong reasons.

During a group match involving Brazil and Colombia, Neymar received a straight red card as he was seen visibly frustrated and was embroiled in a physical altercation with Colombia’s Jeison Murillo and Carlos Bacca. This led to Neymar not only receiving a red card but also receiving a 4 international game ban.

Brazil ultimately lost their match against Colombia with final scoreboard displaying 0-1 in favor of the Colombian team but despite this loss, it was the disappointing image that Brazil left behind that was remembered by everyone as Neymar wore the captaincy armband and to represent a nation in such a disappointing way is not the thing that the national side needs to see in order to bounce back from the underwhelming results they had recently been going through.

Dunga is one of the figures of the Brazilian national side where the blame is being placed upon but this shouldn’t be a blame game of who deserves to be removed from the team, it’s something that simply has to be resolved for Brazil to start rolling back the years and become one of the titans of football as they used to be.