Dani Alves unhappy with Neymar

17 May

Paris Saint Germain defender Dani Alves said that he is unhappy with the behavior of his teammate at the final of the Coupe de France. Neymar is alleged to have punched a fan in the face while going to collect his medal.

Dani Alves said that Neymar should learn to control himself and that this is not a way to behave for a football player. He said that there are many people and especially children that have come to watch the game and that you need to behave as a role model.

Dani Alves said that although Neymar is a teammate he is not afraid to tell him that he was wrong on that occasion and that he has to change his behavior.

Dani Alves said that Paris Saint Germain has invested a lot of money in the squad and that it is important that the players start to deliver the goods. He said that the team has been built to win the Champions League and that they are far from doing so at the moment.

He said that there is still plenty of work to be done and that the players should learn from their mistakes. He said that there were will be some new signings during the transfer window and that it is important that each player understand that their place is not guaranteed.

Dani Alves said that he is relatively satisfied with his season but he wants to win more for the team. He said that it is important for a team such as Paris Saint Germain to win trophies and that they need to focus on winning the Champions League.

He said that he wants to continue with Paris Saint Germain for as long as he can and help them win the Champions League.

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