Did Rodrigo Possebon truly want to return to Manchester United?

12 Feb

Rodrigo Possebon is a Brazilian midfielder who used to perform with Manchester United back when he was only 17 years old and he had a promising future but a nasty tackle slowed down his progress in the Premier League club as Possebon had to stay out of the playing grounds for 1 month.

The 27 year old central midfielder joined Manchester United back on January of 2008 when he was only 17 years of age but his time spent in Old Trafford was unmemorable as Possebon made less than 5 appearances and he eventually decided to make a move to the Brazilian outfit Santos.

Despite going through such an unremarkable period of time as a player of Manchester United, there were rumors going on suggesting that Rodrigo Possebon was actually interested in making a return to the Premier League club and the Brazilian player himself stated that despite it being so short and not making a truly big impact in his own career, his time spent in Old Trafford was the best in his entire career as Possebon said:

“I was 17 and I lived through things at United that money could not buy.It was the greatest experience of my life in terms of football, to live together with such great players and a legend as a manager. Unfortunately in football you are never fully protected against injuries and I was on the receiving end of a bad tackle against Middlesbrough.

“But I have a great desire, and ambition to come back and play in England. I still think that there is no better place to play, in all terms and aspects: the level of the leagues, clubs, organization, the structure, atmosphere and the environment are just fabulous. I like the fans, cities and the quality of life is good. So now I’m back, looking for a club.”

Despite showing an interest in making a return to English football, Rodrigo Possebon has never returned after leaving Manchester United and he instead has just gone on to join numerous Brazilian clubs.