Rodrigo Possebon states that Manchester United was unforgettable

30 Apr

On January of 2008, Rodrigo Possebon was signed by Manchester United when he was only 17 years old and the Brazilian player actually managed to break into the first team but an injury forced him to stay out of the pitch for a significantly long period of time and he was eventually offloaded to Santos on August of 2010.

From there on out, the playing career of Rodrigo Possebon has been taking a downhill spiral as he has joined a number of Brazilian clubs including: Cricuma, Mirassol, Juventude, Nautico and his current club URT.

In every single one of those clubs, Possebon has struggled to make over 10 appearances and the 28 year old player has admitted in saying that the best experience of his playing career was way back when he was performing with Manchester United.

‘’It was the greatest experience of my life in terms of football, to live together with such great players and a legend as a manager. Unfortunately in football you are never fully protected against injuries and I was on the receiving end of a bad tackle against Middlesbrough but it could be much worse, that tackle could have broken my leg as people thought at the time that didn’t happen, thank God’’ Rodrigo Possebon said as he talked about his time spent in Manchester United and the injury that seriously hampered his playing career.

Rodrigo Possebon is 28 years old which means that he has a few more years left in him to perform at a very high level and the Brazilian player on numerous occasions has expressed his desire on making a return to Old Trafford and be a player of Manchester United as he wants to have a 2nd chance of proving his worth with the English Premier League club.