Dunga comments on non-Selection of Real Madrid players

6 May

In spite of missing Marcelo at the left back position in last month’s World Cup qualifying matches, Dunga reckons the non-selection of the Real Madrid player was absolutely right as he was not responsible enough to convey to the team management that he was fit and could be selected.

As per Dunga, the contact numbers of the coaches and doctors who are associated with the national team are available to the players and thus, they should remain in contact with them and should be updating them about what the condition of their body is and if they are willing to appear in the country’s next game or not.

If somebody is not conveying anything to anyone, not providing any updates, then it comes down to his commitment and you have to question that because if there had been any keenness on his part as far as playing for Brazil is concerned, he would have looked to reach out to doctors and make sure the coach is aware of his condition when he is selecting the team.

The other Brazilian players, whose fitness was in question, had been regularly telling the team’s medical staff about their improvement. Anyone who would be committed enough would show such willingness and that was clearly not done by Marcelo.

Dunga says he makes the squad selection based on information that he is given and on that occasion, he was not given any information regarding Marcelo simply because nobody had any information about him. So, whose fault in this? It’s of the player’s definitely.

Brazil had similar results, that is two draws, in the two matches Marcelo was absent from and it is not possible for them now to achieve top 4 finish in the CONMEBOL standings.