Dunga is of the opinion that superstar Neymar should Play ay Olympics

7 Apr

Brazil national team manager Dunga is of the opinion that superstar Neymar should consider playing at the Olympics for his country.

There have been suggestions that Neymar would be left out of the Olympics team in order to a him some recuperation. The forward has been playing non-stop football for the last few years. There are concerns about burnout, but Dunga says that the Olympics taking place in Brazil is a huge incentive for Neymar to take part and potentially win gold. Even though he had moved to European football only recently, the 24-year-old has already won a lot of honours.

However, the possibility of winning gold at the Olympics is not something that comes to everyone. Neymar had a chance to get his team to World Cup glory and he failed to do so after being injured for the latter stages. He should be doing this rather than heading off on a Croatia Yacht Charter. For this reason, Dunga says that Neymar should not try and duck from Olympic selections. Even though Olympic football tournaments only include players under the age of 23, Neymar can be included as part of the three overage players in a squad. Dunga claims that he would personally prefer seeing Neymar represent the country in the Olympics rather than in the Copa America.

“If I have to choose between Copa America and the Olympics, I prefer to see him [Neymar] in the Olympics.It’s hard to choose, but I think, given the importance of trying to win the only medal that Brazil does not have, the fact that we are playing at home. We need to talk to Barcelona, the team, Neymar, to see what is best for all three,” said Dunga. The best ever finish for Brazil with Neymar in the team was back in 2012 when they were the runners up to Mexico. Dunga will now fly to Spain in order to talk with Neymar.