7 Feb

When David Moyes was asked if he has the best attacking trio in the Premier League he replied:

“I think they will be when we get them ready and totally match fit all of them and gelled together. We need to give Juan Mata time to settle in and not get too far ahead of ourselves too quickly. The one good thing is that because he has Premier League experience and being in the league and being at a big club, coming here should be a little easier.

“But we still have to be mindful that there is a change and we have to give him time for that to happen.”

Stoke City secured their 1st league victory over United on Saturday evening with Charlie Adam leading the way for his team. This accomplishment was something that Stoke City was unable to do since 1984.

As the pressure continues building up for David Moyes, some fans and critics are stating that the performance made by the players of Manchester United was disastrous even with the Spanish midfielder Juan Mata trying to make his presence felt on the 2nd match that he wears the jersey of the ‘’Red Devils’’.

According to David Moyes however, the Scottish tactician believes that the players did everything they could to win and it just all down to bad luck.

“I thought the performance was really good. I thought we played well,” Moyes told reporters. “We had bad luck, we really did. It was our own downfall that we didn’t score our chances. We must have got to the byline eight, nine, 10 times but we never pulled the ball back or never picked someone out in the box so it’s our own undoing.

“I thought we were the better team. They get a goal, we get back in it, I thought we were the team more likely. We only have ourselves to blame. The amount of opportunities we had today we should’ve won the game out of sight. It was a good performance; we just couldn’t take those chances.

If the ‘’bad luck’’ continues on being the source to blame for Moyes, his job will certainly be in jeopardy soon enough.