Scolari Holds Back Key Players During Friendlies

5 Jun

Just like the rest of the nations that will be participating in the 2014 World Cup, Brazil has a few friendly matches scheduled to take place a few days before the start of the worldwide tournament.

Felipe Scolari revealed that he might not play with all of his key players during these friendly encounters and he will solely rely on what the medical staff of the nation announces as the Brazilian coach does not want to risk anything.
“For this first match we will follow what the medical department tells us. The group will be evaluated again over the weekend and then we will know who will be fit. We don’t want to risk anything before the World Cup.” Scolari revealed to the media.

The young Brazilian playmaker from Chelsea, Oscar is completing the last stages of his recovery after he sustained a muscle injury and is likely to be sidelined during Brazil’s friendly encounter against Panama.

Brazil is going to be the hosts of the next World Cup and Felipe Scolari is confident that his team can be crowned as the champions in their homeland and that he neither his players feel any kind of pressure.

“There is no pressure on Brazil. Brazil is not under pressure to be the world champions. Brazil will be the champion. I wouldn’t have accepted the Brazil job if I didn’t think we could win the World Cup. I wouldn’t be leading the team I’d be sitting at home. I took this job because I’m 100 per cent convinced that I will win the World Cup with Brazil.” Scolari admitted.

Scolari has already lifted the World Cup trophy with Brazil in 2002 and he is positive that it’s going to happen again.