Possebon on Brazil chances

30 Oct

Former Manchester United midfielder Rodrigo Possebon believes that Brazil can win the next World Cup in Russia. He said that the team has developed a lot during the past year and that there are no reasons why they cannot win the trophy in Russia.

He said that the team has recovered well from their disastrous World Cup of 2014 and that they are now ready to challenge for the title again.

Rodrigo Possebon said that the Brazil team that participated at the last World Cup was not ready and were made up of players that lack the experience of the top level. He believes that this time it would be different as there are many world-class players in the team.

He believes that a front line of Neymar and Coutinho can open up any defence and that they will be causing problems at the next World Cup. He believes that the Brazil team has a good chance of winning the title in Russia and that would be a wonderful achievement for the Brazilian population.

He believes that the fans have been disappointed by the performance of the previous Brazilian team and that they have lost faith in the national team. However, he thinks that this current team can reconcile the national team with the public and the only way they can do it is by winning the title in Russia. He believes that it will all depend on the form of the players at the end of a daunting season.

Rodrigo Possebon said that Belgium also has a good team and they might be a strong contender for the title. He stated that they have players that play in the best teams in Europe and that they can be with Germany two of the sides that can challenge for the title alongside Brazil.

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